Organic Liqueurs


                        Organic Liqueurs                                                                                                                                                                                                



A Distinct Tasting Range of Liqueurs 

Great for culinary  use to give your favourite meals some sophisticated organic flavour.


Makes Amazing Cocktails.

Whether you want a classic

original or to make  your own adventurous

unique blend, there's a flavour that's sure to appeal

Salish Sea Culinary and Cocktail Liqueurs

9 Great Flavours & 2 Bottle Sizes

Organic Liqueurs Bottled in  Naturally Beautiful Surroundings. Discover the natural goodness lovingly prepared in every bottle !

With the petals of red hibiscus flowers imported from Egypt, the cold maceration process creates a vibrant flavor that's sweet and tart at the same time. Pair with lemonade and citrus cocktails, or use as a grenadine substitute. Award Winner !


One of our personal favourites, a grapefruit flavour like no other. We can only surmise that the beautiful flavour is a result of the love and patience that is required for production. Each fruit is hand-selected washed, and peeled and combined with a select herbal ingredient. The delicious citrus flavour enlivens your favourite  citrus cocktail, cake or dessert.


This liqueur was made for those adventurous souls who truly love the fiery heat of ginger. Don't be fooled by the low alcohol content–it packs quite a punch! Add  to your Moscow Mule or Dark and Stormy. Compliment a ginger cake or dessert or try in an oriental dish.Award Winner !


Inspired by cinnamon candies, This cinnamon liqueur will add a sweet kick to your favorite hot drinks and a subtle cinnamon essence to your sweet and savoury dishes. Pairs well with whiskey, cider and coffee. 


A strong full-bodied liqueur that is made from the real peppermint leaves, it's perfect for festive drinks or to flavour desserts and frostings. Pairs well with hot cocoa, coffee, and ice cream.


This sweet lemony liqueur with light herbal notes makes great cuisine even better. Make a  marinade for prawns or add a compliment to a Thai dish. Try adding a splash to your favorite tropical cocktail or pairing with citrus and coconut flavors. An all round versatile liqueur.


Delightfully sweet herbaceous notes. Pair with  fresh strawberries, pineapple, and watermelon on a summers day for a refreshing afternoon treat.


A complex floral tea out of South Africa makes for a fantastically flavourful liqueur, with notes of rooibos, smoked honey, and a mild fruity finish. Pair with fruit juices or rye whiskey.


Organically grown red rose petals make for a nicely balanced sweet & subtle floral flavour and heavenly aroma. This is a truly versatile liqueur that is a pleasure to enjoy straight up, over ice, mixed into cocktails, or in desserts. Pairs well with citrus or cream-based drinks.

Rose Petal

All of These great tasting Liqueurs are available in 375ml or the larger 750ml size.  Available in a Case of 12 per flavour .

ABV 19-30% (varies per flavour.)

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