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Did you know that the most responsible beers can be found under the Brewers Organic Seal ?

At the heart of these beers lies the utterley unique Finnish eco-malt of Saimaa, traceable all the way back  to the Oravala village and to the barley fields of Tommi, a 15th generation farmer.

Lakeland Dark Lager,a nut brown and velvety smooth beer which will charm your taste buds. The charismatic nature of this beer is shaped by the caramel-like and slightly roasted aromas, together with flavourful malt.

Lakeland Red Ale is a refreshing copper-coloured treat, which mixes the pleasant taste of soft maltiness with delicate bitter flavours. Bubbling underneath the surface is the citrusy zing of American hops and the spicy bite of Finnish rye.

A gluten-free lager with a golden rich colour and refreshing flavour. The light maltiness and subtle nuances of noble Saaz hops create a seductively fresh and pure combination

 Lakeland Pale Ale is a straw-coloured, gluten-free ale with gentle yet playful flavourswhich combine with a smooth and velvety mouthful of oats as well as the tropical fruitiness and floral notes of American hops.


Same Exquisite Quality with an Extra Strong kick.

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