Organic Whisky

A fruity, smooth Single Malt  whisky with no bitterness or after burn.  Matured in “first use” charred oak barrels, meaning that the barrels have never before been used. 

700ml x 6  ABV: 46%

Made exclusively from malted barley in the traditional manner, with no grain whatsoever.  This Blended Malt is aged to perfection in first-use oak casks,  and bottled in the traditional way without chill filtering to ensure the full richness of the whisky’s natural flavor is captured.

The result is a Scotch whisky that possesses a distinguished character and a remarkable smoothness, with a long, lingering finish.

700ml x 6      ABV: 46%

350ml x 6      ABV: 46%

Limited edition Sauternes from 4 organic hand chosen Sauternes casks Each bottle is numbered with the cask number and the bottle number.Un-chill filtered with floral  notes, honey, apricots and pears.

Palate:   Warm spices and honey.

Finish:    Seville orange and delightful warmth.

700ml x 6      ABV: 46%

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