Drinks Club

Giving you the heads-up on our latest exciting project

The      Pure  Organic Drinks    Club

Pure Organic Drinks will be launching it's own organic drinks club later this year . We will be offering you the chance to get your hands on  some of our exclusive, rare, special edition and regular organic alcohol range.

Membership will cost  just   £39.99   per month, (pay as you go of course) which will open the door to an organic alcohol box which will contain a bottle of our high quality organic alcohol, or maybe two, you will likely find some organic confectionary treats 'thrown in' , there maybe some designer drinks recepticles or other "drinkswear", vouchers or even entry into a prize giveaway, there will be lots of possible combinations to give you a pleasant suprise on each month that you choose to activate your membership.

So if it sounds as exciting to you as it does to us and you would like to register (No Obligation of Course) your interest so as to be kept updated and not to miss out please fill out the contact form below and we will keep you posted and put your name on the VIP Launch List, the first 5000 people to register their interest will be guaranteed an extra special pack should they choose to activate their membership during our official launch month.

Please inform me when you are launching the Drinks Club
Please notify me of any pre-launch competitions
Please consider me for the Pure Organic Drinks Club taste testing panel

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