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The Pure Organic Drinks Corporate Culture

We encourage difference, diversity is power and knowledge, and ours is an anti-discriminatory organisation.  We recognise and value the individual contribution that each person brings

We value creative out of the box thinking

We endeavour to add different, distinctive and creative variations to normal standard business and client support, functions

We want our staff to have a voice and speak up when things are wrong, when they have ideas or have identified beneficial improvements

•Ours, is an environment that does not tolerate back stabbing or grudge holding, issues are aired shared and resolved.

We are a  positive organisation and offer encouragement in the right direction

We have a learn by your mistakes culture, we want you to learn from them and be able to move on from them, not be eternally held to account for them, and be able to utilise the experiences gained in future positive ways

We reward excellence and courage

We work in a relaxed and content environment

We have rules but we also recognise the need for  the addition of vision, goals, customer satisfaction, and fellow feeling

We consider going the extra mile, if that’s what it takes to get the job done

We actively seek to respond to our customers within reasonable timings, whether that be by telephone, email or any other relevant method

We like to make a positive impression with all those we come into contact with in our working day

•We are results orientated



A Little Bit About Us 

Pure Organic Drinks are a completely independent  distribution/wholesale company providing the highest quality organic beverages.

Pure Organic Drinks specialise exclusively in organic alcohol, to those licensed to sell alcohol. We also have a top supply of organic soft drinks, energy drinks and organic waters.

We believe in providing the highest quality products that we feel are better for consumption than the general brands that use chemical processes and/ or additives in their production.

Keep it Healthy ...Drink Organic

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