Why Drink Organic

Why Drink Organic ?

Organic alcohol must use production methods without residues that can potentially pollute air, soil, and water. This means that organic alcohol is produced from products free of pesticides and fertilizers, chemicals that, when consumed frequently, can potentially increase certain health risks

Chemicals used to speed up alcohol production can leave behind salts and heavy metals that may be present in the final product. Organic producers try to eradicate these chemicals at all stages of production, starting from the growing of crops in the fields to the fermentation and bottling processes.

Some evidence suggests that because organic alcohols lack such compounds, drinkers will tend to reduce the effects of hangovers the morning after.

Pure Organic Drinks offer a range of Organic Spirits, Wines ,Beers and Liqueurs that have Organic Certification.


If you have an interest in the quality, sustainability and purity of organic food then it makes sense to also go organic when it comes to what you drink . Even if you are not already a convert to the organic lifestyle when you taste the difference in quality of our range of organic drinks we believe you will make the change.

Put us to the test, try out the Organic range and see for yourself. 

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